About Ixacc

The name IXACC is formed with the first letter of Jesus Christ in ancient Greek and abbreviation of accessories. IXACC aims to craft amazing accessories that share His love and one could cherish.

Based in Hong Kong, the world's fashion hub, and connected to the frontiers of world's factory - Guangdong, China, IXACC started up as OEM of small leather articles. During the years, we continuously improve ourselves in terms of design, material application and production technique. Not only have we generated more customer satisfaction, but also proficiency of product development and professionals in the industry.

Today we have factories in Dongguang and Guangzhou to cater different product needs. Our production managers have concrete experience among the industry raised gradually from apprentice to today's managerial level, with proficient knowledge on production and empathy on workers.

We launch a wide range of leather belts, wallets and handbags with fancy new styles pumping in every month. We could customize design for clients and keep original under our brand as well.

IXACC respects nature and love its uniqueness. Leather reflects such characteristics very well whereas every piece has its different pattern, scars and bites. It truly tells you wisdom of nature: wellness doesn't mean perfection.

We treat our workers and customers with care and responsibility. We build and develop long term relationships that are beneficial to all parties involved. At Ixacc we believe in working hard, honestly and with a smile.

"Good is not enough." Edward de Bono

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